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 The Cliffs

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Charmed One
Charmed One

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PostSubject: The Cliffs   Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:24 am

These cliffs is where the Ales make their home, they nestle into the ledges at night to sleep, and raise their young here. The cliffs are safe from predators, but are dangerous if any Ales slip of fall, they can catch themselves in flight, but their young may not be so lucky...
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Aure Clan WhiteLighter
Aure Clan WhiteLighter

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PostSubject: Re: The Cliffs   Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:02 am

{Let's pretend this post was made way before Kar ever arrived to meet Aeria.}

Waters brushed lightly against the base of the cliffs. An occasional splash echoed in the otherwise quiet land as a fish jumped for a fly that buzzed over the waters. Though faint, it was enough to stir the thoughts of a figure that lay within the cliffs, hidden by the many caves. Only his slowly-openening golden eyes reflected out of the depths as the bird-wolf awoke to the calm territory. He looked out at the sun that shone above the water, and the scarce clouds that gently floated through the skys.

Karatavuk yawned and stood on his sleepy paws, equipped with sharp, talon-like claws for fishing. He walked out to stand by the bark of a tree that protruded from the side of the steep rock. He chose this cave as his den because this tree hid it, and was inspiration to the young White Lighter. Though without soil, this tree still stood and survived on whatever fed it through the rocks. This tree was Karatavuk's tree, named after his long-gone daughter, Silvai. The Silvai Tree inspired Karatavuk to be greatful for all he was given, and to teach his fellow clan members the same meaning, though none other Ales lived in the rock.

The Silvai Tree stood next to his den, as well as just poking over the steep fall to the waters. Karatavuk, after giving each of his four wings - one large and one small on either side - a good stretch, he leapt from the overhanging rock with his white-tipped wings folded at his side. He plummeted down the cliff, and when he was just about to hit the waters, a wind stirred.

A rush of air pushed on Karatavuk's now-opened wings, pushing him forward as he turned parallel to the blue sea. The winds left in his fall awakened the calm waters, leaving small waves in his wake. With a strong beat of his wings, Karatavuk increased his altitude as he proceeded to the Run-Through. He decided to hang out around there for a while. How about a change, he thought, and instead of using my wings...I'll run on this good paws of mine. It's not like they're broken.... And with that, he landed in a run as soon as Earth came under his feet.
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The Cliffs
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