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Fluidus Clan WhiteLighter
Fluidus Clan WhiteLighter

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Era, Ras, Eras, Erry, Eres, Ares




White Lighter

Pisces Lupus


His eyes are a bright blue that mimics Saint Elmo's fire. They appear almost fluorescent against his dark fur and are his most expressive feature.

-Erasmus- 76727b8876a367bbc3efcd81154ebe3c-d56wd32

Erasmus has an extremely long and rough coat that makes him appear larger than he actually is. Like an otter's fur, it is made up of two layers: an outer pelt consisting of waterproof guard hairs and short, dense under-fur that insulates him against the cold water. His coat is never completely dry and always smells of saltwater.

He is mostly a dull black color that resembles a hurricane over the ocean. The tip of each hair is a light grey, giving him a smoky appearance. His fur lightens toward his belly until it is a dusky ash.

-Erasmus- 35irwpi

Erasmus has numerous silver streaks across his back, sides, shoulders and down his long tail that resemble lightning, a result of his change. They are as visually striking as his eyes, especially when sunlight hits them in the water. His ears, paws, and muzzle are a dull slate color. Stormy grey ticking runs along his shoulders and back, giving his fur a peppered appearance. There is a bright silver blaze on his chest that matches his inner ears. On several areas of his body, there are patches of light grey.The spines of his fins are the same ebony color as the majority of his fur, but the membranes between them are a soft blue. His claws and paw pads are dark silver. Over his gills, the color of his fur lightens to ash.

Erasmus has very few noticeable scars. The most obvious is a jagged line down the right side of his face that starts just above his ear, crosses over his eye, and fades into the fur of his cheek. His fins also have a few holes and tears in them, but they do not impair his swimming.

He is quite stocky and well-muscled for a Pisces Lupus, though he makes up for his lack in height with his long body. His tail makes up nearly two-thirds of his body and is incredibly powerful, similar to an alligator. At first glance, he appears very rough and savage-looking, though one look into his eyes will belie his gruffness.

Along with the normal Pisces Lupus abilities, Erasmus is able to discharge a substantial amount of electricity capable of stunning anything in his immediate area underwater. However, this action drains him of most of his energy and takes a few days to recharge. His hind paws are much larger and have more webbing than his front. Because of this, he swims with his front paws tucked into his chest while using his tail for propulsion and his back legs for steering, making him look a bit like an eel. The lightning-like markings along his body are also a result of his change.


Before arriving at the Order, Erasmus was the epitome of over-confidence. He was charming, bold, and had a temper to rival that of the Bering Sea. His gregarious nature won him many friends and made him quite popular, yet he never thought twice about bettering his reputation at their expense. He constantly tried to impress and woo the females of the group, though was never serious about any relationship until he met Penelope.

She was the one who quelled the effervescent brute. With her at his side, Erasmus was much more down-to-earth. He no long strove to impress everyone and devoted himself to Penelope. He took fewer risks, reined in his temper, and became much more courteous. The birth of his children only made him more protective of his family, yet he was no match for his brother’s black heart.

After arriving at the Order and realizing there was no way for him to return home to his family, Erasmus closed in on himself. He gave up trying to leave and accepted the position offered to him by the Divines. Now, he is quiet and speaks only if necessary. His blue gaze holds his true melancholy within. He rarely ever smiles anymore. If he does, it seems tight and doesn’t meet his eyes. He broods constantly over his past and is always thinking about Penelope. Erasmus manages to hide his sadness behind a stern exterior and gruff countenance. Due to Antinous’s betrayal, it is very difficult to earn his trust. The bravery of his youth has turned into stalwart endurance. He no longer has anything to lose but his life.

Erasmus was born to Menelaus and Calypso, the leaders of a roving pack that lived close to the sea at the time of his birth. His only littermate was Circe, though he had an older brother from a previous litter named Antinous who had stayed with the pack. Early on, the three were the greatest of friends. They were constantly playing games on the beach, much to Erasmus’s enjoyment. Throughout the siblings’ games, Antinous always filled the part of the villain, Circe played the damsel in distress, and Erasmus was cast as the charming hero. However, their first year was simply the calm before the storm.

Just after his first name day, Erasmus and his family were on the move once more. They fell into a normal routine of traveling constantly, only stopping for nourishment and rest. It was the responsibility of the two brothers to hunt whatever prey they could find for the pack. Usually, rabbits, squirrels, and the carcasses left by other predators were what they dined on. It was during one of these scavenging ventures when the brothers’ dynamic changed completely.

The pair had sniffed out an elk carcass killed by a bear. Granted, it wasn’t difficult to find it. The scent covered nearly every other odor around it. Because of this, the brothers didn’t realize they weren’t the first to find it until they were practically on top of the other wolf. Upon seeing the golden-furred fae, their jaws practically dropped. She was the most beautiful wolf either of them had ever seen. Even her fear of their sudden appearance did nothing to mar the pulchritude of her deep amber eyes. Erasmus was enamored with her immediately, as was Antinous.

They managed to convince the flighty she-wolf that they meant no harm and led her back to their troop. Penelope, as she was called, was accepted without hesitation by Menelaus and Calypso. She was quiet and shy around everyone at first, but soon began to open up to Erasmus. The pair bonded instantly, much to Antinous’s chagrin, and became thick as thieves. Erasmus grew kinder and stopped his brash antics of his childhood. He devoted himself totally to Penelope, only striving to woo her. Antinous tried to claim her attentions as well, but his efforts were futile.

Gradually, a wedge began to form between the two brothers. The older of the two became yellow with jealousy as he watched his sibling dote over the fae who had never paid attention to him. He had tried displayed of strength, of wit, of speed, but all was in vain. By the time Erasmus was three, Antinous had lost all love for his little brother. Circe, ever perceptive, saw what was happening and wisely decided not to get involved. She left the pack just after her third name-day and was never seen again.

Erasmus was saddened by his sister’s departure, yet his melancholy was soon replaced by euphoria once he learned his family was about to grow. Penelope was expecting. Every in the pack was overjoyed, it seemed, save for Antinous. That was the final straw for him. While the due date drew nearer, the older brother was planning various ways to dispatch his sibling and claim what was, to him, his property. He knew he had no chance of winning Penelope over while Erasmus was still alive.

Antinous launched his plan a few weeks before Penelope was due, just as a hurricane was brewing. First, he had to convince his little brother to go hunting with him. The older wolf explained he had found seagulls nesting and wanted to steal some of their eggs. After much prodding, Erasmus finally agreed and left with his brother. They journeyed in silence for what seemed like hours before they reached a tall cliff above the sea. The waves that crashed against it threw spray into the air, making the rocks slick with saltwater. They were wetted further by the sheets of rain that began to fall.
As Erasmus stepped up to the edge of the bluff, Antinous could barely suppress his giddiness. It was all downhill from there. Just as his younger brother peeked over the precipice, the scheming traitor stalked up behind him and gave a firm push to his flank. Unable to find purchase on the slippery stone, Erasmus was sent tumbling over the edge and into the ocean below. As a blue streak of lightning crackled across the sky, the younger wolf hit the water and lost consciousness.

He drifted for what seemed like ages on the waves, clinging to a piece of driftwood blown out by the storm. Erasmus slipped in and out of consciousness the entire time, only coming to for good when he had woken up on an unfamiliar shore. As soon as he could find his voice and stand, he began to run across the shore. He yelled for Penelope, his parents, even Antinous until he fell to the sand.

Once he finally realized all was lost, he crawled back into the ocean and attempted to drown himself. He held his breath until his lungs were surely about to burst, but he would not die. Erasmus tried several more times until he realized he could still breathe underwater. That was when he met Aquillo. The Divine explained to him what his body was going through and told him he had arrived at the Order. In a haze, Erasmus could only nod and follow the winged wolf inland, numb and too spent to even care what was happening.

With the help of the other Divines, the wolf managed to accept what had happened to him and became the leader of the Fluidus clan. He holds the position to this day.

After using his electrical abilities, Erasmus is nearly dead on his feet. He is extremely vulnerable in this state and is devoid of all energy. Because of this, he only uses his power in desperate circumstances.

His muscular build and sturdy frame lend him an advantage in battles, though he rarely fights. He is also perfectly camouflaged in darker waters and is a strong swimmer.

Erasmus is unbelievably skilled at forecasting the weather. Just from sniffing the wind, he can tell whether or not a storm is coming in, when it will rain, and how much will fall.

When swimming, he slithers through the water like a snake and depends mostly on his tail for motion. Most of the time, he uses his paws only for steering. Erasmus tends to lurk in the deeper, darker waters and likes to sleep in deep sea caverns.


Father - Deceased

Mother - Deceased

Sister - Unknown

Brother - Unknown

Mate – Unknown

Daughter – Unknown

Son – Unknown

Erasmus’s heart still belongs to Penelope despite the fact that she has most likely passed away already.

-Erasmus- Wolf14

He has two children, Ladon and Scylla, though he never had the chance to know them after their birth. Antinous most likely raised them as his own flesh and blood.

His withdrawn nature rarely earns him any friends, though his benign nature is likeable. He does consider the Charmed Ones to be his allies, though prefers to stay away from the other clan leaders.

His only mortal enemy is Antinous. Erasmus makes few enemies for the same reason he makes few friends.

Erasmus is based on the Saint Erasmus/Elmo of Formiae, the patron saint of sailors who was saved multiple times from religious persecution by lightning. For ages, electric discharges that would appear on mast heads, airplane wings, and even the horns of cattle have been called Saint Elmo’s fire. The name of his father, Menelaus, comes, from the legend of the Trojan War. Calypso and Circe are both the names of sea witches from Homer’s epic, The Odyssey. Antinous is one of the rowdy suitors of the tale.

Currently being created.


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Accepted and Moved.

Wondeful Bio Erasmus!
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Fluidus Clan WhiteLighter
Fluidus Clan WhiteLighter

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Thank you, Master Quill^^
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